20 TYPES OF SAREE DESIGNS FOR EVERY OCCASION – Have you seen magic draped in nine yards? Open your wardrobe and you may see some Indian ethnic drapes hanged on curved alloys, differed with little patterns and usage of fabric(s). These Indian outfit or loose piece of cloth is known as saree or sari and admiringly worn by every other woman in India. Pardon for only mentioning India sarees here, even women around the globe including distant foreign town also manage to give a little hassle to wear sarees for their traditional or special occasions. This garment is taken special care to be weaved with threads of fine fabrics and finishing off with mind blowing patterns, which differs as you step on a new region 2kms thereafter. Besides story behind sarees of different states and regions in India, draping also takes a special space in the world of this ethnic outfit. here is the some famous types – Banarasi Silk Sarees , Assam Silk Saree ,  Chanderi Saree , Kanjeevaram Sarees , Bhagalpuri Saree.

Nowadays women or fashionistas take sarees as a style statement or for one time gaga looks. However, there are specific sarees which are more specifically designed and woven for individual occasions and reasons. What if you can garner yourself into the pool of diversity of sarees for your every event? I’m sure you will definitely skip a breath. For instance, Kanjeevaram or Banarasi silk sarees are vehemently sorted collection of sarees used in Bengali wedding, every type of drape has its own unique trend to carry on. A wide drape and choosy colours made your whole draping a legacy to celebrate round the season and year. In India, where counting actual types of sarees is almost next to impossible, UJIBA has segregated best types Indian sarees for every occasions.

1. Banarasi Silk Sarees – All About Richness


Sarees are the indigenous affairs for every women and men as well because they just love to see their lady love’s way of draping. And Banarasi silk sarees are brilliant in these beautiful mix feasts. Their marvellous colours, sheen and texture are something which is enough to give you everyday wear arguments. Crafted in the land of Varanasi, these sarees have heavy golden embroidery (especially on the borders) and are popular bridal sarees in North India. Great for king size feasts or events, these sarees can be clubbed with golden or studded sandals.

2. Chanderi Sarees – Calling Ethnic Appeal

Chanderi Sarees – Calling Ethnic Appeal

Traditionally designed and tailored at the land of Madhya Pradesh, India, Chanderi sarees give the royal affairs a pretty peek. One of a kind of tissue silk, this is the luxe type of sheer sarees. Chanderi sarees online are also known as masterful art of the textile industry. They are given various patterns such as traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometrics into different chanderi patterns. These sophisticated online sarees can be paired with any type of heels but avoid printed ones. Wear traditional jewellery to accentuate its beauty. House warming parties, birthday times, pre or post wedding events and many more are just apt for these sarees.

3. Tant Sarees – Classic

Tant Sarees – Classic

Where else you can find best tant designs than West Bengal? Kolkata is the best place to purchase these crisp cotton fantasies which is commonly known there as Tant. Tant sarees are stiffly starched and thus don’t possess an easy flowing attitude as silk or georgette. With excellent craftsmanship and vehement thread works at minute places over these sarees make them really alluring during festive occasions such as Durga Puja, Kali Puja or Diwali. Wear them with red hued jewellery or gold precious ones.

4. Kanjeevaram Sarees – Most Alluring

Kanjeevaram Sarees – Most Alluring

And when someone leads the train then it definitely deserves a round of applaud just as Kanjeevaram Sarees. You must have heard Kanjeevaram sarees in the tone of bridal’s voice because it is just like that. These sarees are the most famous bridal saree of South India. Talking about recent days, Kanjavaram sarees online is a loud shouting demand of even North Indian women and North-East Indian women as well. The much alike demand is due to their liking for Banarasi silk sarees which look quite similar to Kanjeevaram’s. Crafted and most garnered drape from the hub of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, this saree has earned a fame for its vibrant colours and excellent borders with temple patterns.

5. Assam Silk Sarees – Talk To Roots

Assam Silk Sarees – Talk To RootsAs the name suggests, this time privilege of beauty is taken by the serene land of Assam. Mekhela chador is the traditional Assamese saree for women which are the inclusion of two-piece clothes that are draped around the body. Assam sarees are famous due to their delicate weaving of golden Moga silk and vehement threadworks as well. Wear them to startle everyone with mysterious drapes besides the fact that they are too easy to tackle.

6. Batik Print Sarees – Feel Feminine

Batik Print Sarees – Feel Feminine

Batik printed sarees is a result of ultimate creative craft and aesthetic essence surround. These are the decorating drapes with awesome prints made by using wax and dye. Batik prints are the part of ancient practice. These numbers are the cool alter of cotton sarees online. Wear them in your formal go’s or casual moods because they are the perfect enchanters.

7. Bhagapuri Silk Sarees – Highly Elegant

Bhagapuri Silk Sarees – Highly Elegant

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are commonly known as tussar silk sarees as well. As its name itself suggests, Bhagalpuri silk sarees ideated and created at the land of Bhagalpur, Bihar. Buy online Bhagalpuri silk sarees with designer blouses and match up them with traditional jewellery and accessories.

8. Sambalpuri Sarees – Extremely Striking

Sambalpuri Sarees – Extremely StrikingThanks to the sacred environ of Odisha! It gave us beautiful patterns and saree ornamentation which is now famous as Sambalpuri sarees. Available in silk and cotton fabrics, this style showcases awesome embroidery patterns and can be combined with terracotta jewellery. Perfect for festive occasions and casual wear as well; these sarees are the comfort feast to every woman.

9. Kosa Sarees – Magic In Weave

Kosa Sarees – Magic In WeaveKosa Sarees is one of finest silk product which is found in trees like sal and saja. These sarees are available in different colors, patterns and designs. Wear them as your casual wear or evening lawn party with peep toe heels.

10. Nauvari Sarees – Traditional Touch

Nauvari Sarees – Traditional Touch

A beauty trapped inside 9-yards of clothe is known as Nauvari sarees which is most popularly worn by Maharashtrian women. These online sarees are tucked at the back and little bit looks like a dhoti style sarees. This wedding season, spruce up your same line style with this Nauvari saree as your bridal saree or bridesmaid’s.

11. Dhakai Jamdani Sarees – Be The Poise Queen

Dhakai Jamdani Sarees – Be The Poise QueenAs its name suggests clearly, ‘Dhakai’ name is originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The work is lively loved and admired in the coastal areas of West Bengal and other suburban of the state as well. The jamdani work is then mixed with Dhakai sarees and come up with Dhakai Kamdani sarees. This sheer cotton sarees portrays the simple choice of the women West Bengal as well. These sarees are the lightest affairs to carry all day long easily and available at affordable rates.

12. Pattu Sarees – Cultural Assets

Pattu Sarees – Cultural Assets

Pattu sarees are the proud essence of Kerela and platter of its traditional colours. Keralites believe in nature and natural factors more than superficial ones and thus they say that nature has so many colours in itself that you don’t need to put any bright colours on your clothes. Pattu sarees are typically white sarees with amazing broader gold borders.

Wear them in various festive occasions with gold jewellery.

13. Panchampalli Sarees – Be The Ethnic Queen

Aswarya Ray in SareePanchampalli sarees or Pochampalli Ikat sarees are tailored in Nalgonda district, Telangana State. These traditional sarees are popular for their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style. Prep up your Indian ethnic look wearing Ikat sarees with messy bun and traditional antique gold jewellery.

14. Bomkai Sarees – Sassy Lady

Bomkai Sarees – Sassy LadyAgain a blow from the state of Odisha – Bomkai sarees is popular among various kinds of famous Indian sarees. These handwoven sarees are crafted in the way with breathtaking weaves and looks awesome when clubbed with contemporary gold jewellery.

15. Kotki Sarees – Most Adorable

Kotki Sarees – Most AdorableLove this state for the same reason!

Kotki sarees can be recognized by the jagged temple patterns on them and thus hailed to be worn with terracotta gold jewellery. Even pearl accessories will also look elegant with them.

16. Paithani Sarees – Awe-striking

Paithani Sarees – Awe-strikingSarees with exquisite designs which are woven with much intricacy are loved by everyone. And dresses with natural representation are famous among women who love ethnic wears as their daily course. Welcome Paithani sarees into your ethnic wardrobe and take a deep ethnic sniff into yourself. Feel the power of nature alongside the border of the pallu as you can see natural patterns such as trees, and birds like parrots and peacocks woven on them. Get a range of exquisite colours in these sarees and wear them with pearl chokers and jewellery set.

17. Baluchari Silk Sarees – Ethnic Touch

Baluchari Silk Sarees – Ethnic TouchBaluchari Silk Sarees – Ethnic TouchSilk can never go off the platform because we need them at every special occasion and reasons. Don’t we?
Introduce yourself with another class of silk élan, Baluchari sarees. The origin of this type of sarees or blouse designs and patterns is in West Bengal and its local districts. In these traditional yet designer sarees, the borders showcase ancient stories from epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. One can wear latest Baluchari sarees with polka jewellery and sets.

18. Gota Sarees – Enchanting

vidhya balan sareesSonam Kapoor in Gota Sarees – EnchantingHighly fascinating and stunning Indian weave!!!
Gota sarees are known for their broad intricate borders. Basically, a special kind of lace border is attached to the edges of the saree for brilliantly striking appeal. These sarees are vehemently used by fashion designers as a part of their phenomenal fashion shows. Contemporary women love to adorn these sarees for their special occasions to hold a gaze. Check out these ravishing sarees online and make them a part of your beautiful ensemble. Pair these sarees with Indian choker for dazzling appearance. Shine up girl!!!

19. Kalamkari Sarees – Full Of Art

Kalamkari Sarees – Full Of ArtKalamkari Sarees – Full Of ArtOne of the most loved and admiring staples of traditional Indian style sarees!!!
This term Kalamkari has basically originated from the word ‘kalam’ which stands for pen. These sarees are known for artistic creations and crafts designed manually. These sarees exhibit hand painted designs and arts but nowadays printed kalamkari sarees are also available due to high popularity and fame of these sarees. These sarees are inspired by Hindu mythology and exhibit enchanting designs of ancient caves and sculptures. Being highly attractive and exhibiting exceptional ethnic appeal, these saree are hugely loved by young girls and women.

20. Patola Sarees – Most Vibrant

kirron kherPatola Sarees – Most Vibrant

Found their name from the small place of Gujarat state ‘Patan’, patola sarees are rich handloom sarees. These sarees exhibit highly bold, vibrant colours and strong patterns and designs which are enough to grab anyone’s attention. Patola sarees come in a vast combination of vivid colours and intricate detailing. These sarees are perfect pick for family functions and traditional occasions. The genuine art of weaving this saree is a highly guarded family tradition of Patan weavers. The radiant and fuller ethnic appeal of these sarees can do wonders to any women’s personality and bring accolades you always yearn for.

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